30W 24V DC LED Street Light 120 Lumens/Watt - CLEARANCE ITEM

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If you are looking for a rugged, efficient, and attractive LED street light, this is the one for you! This is the ultimate weather-proof LED street light fixture, perfect for a lane, parking area, path or arena. The 30 one watt Cree LED's are extremely efficient, and are cooled by an ingenious heat sink. This LED street light gives up to 3600+ lumens using just 30 watts of power!! At a height of 20 feet (6m) the light coverage on the ground is 50 ft (15m) X 50 ft (15m), and the street light will allow most people to read a newspaper in this area.  

Note: this item was designed with no cord, so you may install the length you prefer.

30 Watt Streetlight Specifications for 24V DC (120L/W)

Voltage: 23-30 Volts DC
Watts: 30
Amps: 1.25
Lumens Per Watt: 120
Lumens: 3600
Dimensions: 24.75 x 5.7 (cm) 16 x 9.75 x 2.25 (inches)
Beam Angle: 115 Degrees
Brand: Watt-a-Light