3 Watt 12V DC LED Light Bulb - Watt-a-Light

3 Watt | 12V DC LED Bulb | Standard E26 Base

  • £14.23

More Light, Less Watts!!

This 12 volt 3 watt LED light bulb is highly efficient! The amount of light you get for only 3 watts will surprise you (300 lumens)! 

The Watt-a-Light™ copper/chrome Edison screw base (standard household E26/ E27) is highly corrosion resistant and well-suited for marine and indoor/outdoor applications.  Not only does this LED light bulb replace a 25 - 30 watt incandescent, it lasts up to 40 times longer as well!

Offering 270 degrees of illumination, this bulb works well in a variety of 12V settings including desk lamps, bedroom lamps, and living room lamps. This bulb is slightly smaller than a standard sized bulb, so works particularly well in fixtures that have limited space. (This handy little light bulb is only 3 inches end-to-end and 2 inches above the base!) 

Our low voltage LED products offer 90% energy savings and an ultra long life span of 30000-40000 hours!


Voltage: 11-15 Volts DC
Acceptable Voltage Range: 10-80V DC
Watts: 3
Amps: 0.25
Lumens: 300
Base: E26/27 
Colour Temperature: 3000 - 3500K (Warm White) or Soft Daylight (4000-4500K)
Dimensions (tip to tip): INCHES: 3 x 1 3/4    CM: 7 x 4.5
Brand: Watt-a-Light

Note: Not recommended for enclosed fixtures

When choosing the best color temperature for your LED application, we recommend that you select ‘Soft Daylight’ for tasks and reading or where you want to be able to see ‘true’ colours. ‘Warm White’ is preferable where a soft warm light is needed, such as dining or just relaxing with your feet up. ‘Warm White’ bulbs are similar in colour to an incandescent light. If you want to learn more about color temperature visit our blog article "A Layman's Guide to Color Temperature and Choosing the Right One for You"