3 Watt LED Corn Bulb | 72V DC | B22 Bayonet Base

3 Watt LED Corn Bulb | 72V DC | B22 Bayonet Base

  • £10.54

Note: this product has a classic B22 bayonet base as seen in the bottom of the product image (3rd).

This small sized tubular 72V DC LED Bulb optimizes brightness with its 360-degree illumination while occupying minimal space with a 2” x 1” bulb size, excluding the corrosion-resistant copper/chrome B22 bayonet base....all while using only 3 Watts!

Our LED lighting provides up to 90% energy savings in comparison to traditional lighting solutions - savings you can put to work straight away!


Product Details for 3 Watt Corn Bulb used with 72V DC

Base: B22

Bulb Type: Corn

Lens: Clear

Watts: 3

Amps: 0.041

Acceptable voltage range: 10 - 80V DC

Beam Angle: 360 degree

Colour Temperature: Soft Daylight (4000-4500K) 

Dimensions(tip to tip): INCHES: 3" x 1"  (80mm x 30mm)

Brand: Watt-a-Light