9 Watt 12 volt DC 2 foot T8 LED Tube Light

9 Watt 12V DC | T8 LED Tube Light | 2 foot | (2 Pack)

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These efficient 12 volt LED tubes replace your T8, T9, T10 or T12 fluorescent 34 to 40 watt tube lights, (they all use the same pin sockets but the diameter of the tube is different). Our LED tubes will use half the power of a fluorescent tube, and last 2 to 3 times as long! Unlike fluorescents, this tube uses LEDs, contains no mercury, and has unlimited ON-OFF cycles. Best of all, it turns on immediately and gives full brightness, even in cold temperatures. The soft daylight colour is great for most areas of your home, office, and warehouse. They also require no ballast, so that nasty hum is eliminated. Simply remove your old ballast and connect power directly to the pin sockets. These tubes also have rotatable ends and you can then direct the light where you want it.

9 Watt T8 Specifications for 12V DC

Voltage: 12V DC
Watts: 9
Amps: .75
Lumens: 850
Diameter: 1 inch (26 mm) Don't worry, if your conventional 2 ft fluorescent tube is 1 1/2 inch in diameter, the end pins will still fit!
Length including pins: 23 3/4 (60 cm) (Nominal 2 ft tube)
Lifespan: 40,000 hours at ambient temperature, longer life at cooler temperatures.
Ambient Temp: -20F to 120F (-30C to 50C).
Brand: Watt-a-Light
No radio frequency interference
No ballast required, Power Factor only 0.92-0.94

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Michael M.

my was of this product was excellent!