MR-16 GU10 Watertight Spot Light Fixture for use with 12V

  • £7.76
  • Save £9.17

This handsome little waterproof fixture comes with a watertight cable fitting and 2.5 m ( 8ft) of cable. It takes any of our M16 LED track lights with a GU10 base.  (This is the fixture only and does not include the MR16 bulb so you may use with MR16s you have on hand or order some here.)

This fixture is very simple to use, and is not voltage specific; Just ensure the voltage of your system matches the voltage of the MR16 you place inside!

AC or DC bulb compatible. 


Dimensions: INCHES 4 x 4 CM 10 x 10
Dimensions (with bracket extended): INCHES 4 x 6 CM 10 x 15