Customer Installation Photos

We created this page to show some of our Watt-a-Light™ LED products as they are used in the real world. We love seeing our lighting in action and it's always fun to know where we are lighting up your homes, signs, boats, off-grid cabins, farms, parking lots and so much more! We encourage feedback from our customers and would be happy to display more photos of your installations. Please e-mail us your comments or photos of your installed lights to and we will consider them for our site!


Olds Alberta City Sign 

This is a solar run 12V 20W LED Streetlight which illuminates their city sign on the way into town. The 20W LED Streetlight is controlled by our ICOS 20A 12V Controller. 

Welcome to Olds sign daytime

Sign during the daytime showing the installation


Welcome to Olds sign lit with 20W streetlight

Sign at night with the 20W LED Streetlight turned on


Amy's Restaurant

This is an installation in Strathroy Ontario of a restaurant sign lit by two 24V 28W Big Bulbs which are run off of a solar system. The dining area of the restaurant is lit by individual fixtures above the tables which have 24V 5W LED Bulbs.

 Amy's Place Restaurant lighting

 Restaurant Interior lit with 5W 24V Watt-a-light LEDs


Amy's Restaurant Sign

Restaurant Sign lit with Watt-a-light LEDs powered by solar