1 Watt 12 volt direct current LED Light Bulb with Edison Base. Side view with round frosted globe and chrome plated screw base.

1 Watt 12V DC Light Bulb

  • $10.50

This is a great little LED bulb is perfect for battery based emergency lighting systems, and it only uses 1 watt of power!  These particular lights also work well for fridges because they hardly emit any heat.  A very small in diameter (4 cm) LED bulb with a standard Edison medium screw base makes it the perfect size for a fridge. This little light uses approximately 1/20th of the power of an incandescent bulb, and reduces the heat produced by about 80%!   


Base: E26 Edison Base
Voltage: 11-15 Volts DC
Watts: 1
Amps: 0.083
Lumens: 80
Dimensions: Length, tip to tip x Bulb diameter
INCHES: 2.4 x 1.5 CM: 6 x 3.8