Red and Green Coloured 12V DC LED Light Bulbs

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Priced for clearance! This coloured LED bulb has a small frosted bulb over the 6 LED elements that give a soft green light that can gently light a small space. This LED bulb uses only 0.35 watts of power making it an excellent night light and/or decorative lighting. It has an extremely long life, unlimited ON/Off cycles, immediate cold starting and uses the standard medium Edison screw base. Perfect for use with solar, wind, micro hydro, and marine systems that use a battery. These bulbs fit in a standard household socket.


Voltage: 11-15 Volts DC
Watts: 0.35
Amps: 0.028
Lumens: 29

Base: E26/27
Dimensions:  inch 3.5 x 1.95,  cm 9 x 5