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Canadian designed WATT-A-Light™ LEDs are tried, tested and true! Built for marine, off-grid, and solar requirements, these LED bulbs will not rust your fixture and provide incredibly high lumens for such low voltage. Available for your 12VDC, 24VDC, 32VDC, and 48VDC systems. Shipping worldwide from Canada.

This particular product designed with a standard household E26 screw-in base.  If you require another style of bulb, you'll find it here!


Perfect for Solar, Hydro, Off-Grid, Boat, Trailer, and RV lighting applications! Use indoor and outdoor from any direct current system.

Superior Corrosion Resistance

Watt-a-Light's copper/chrome bases won't rust your fixture.

Low/No Radio Interference

Advanced design provides no-very low radio interference.

Easy Installation

Standard E26/E27 medium Edison screw base fits all regular household fixtures when replacing incandescents and compact fluorescents. We have many other styles of bases in stock as well that you can find here.

Extra Long Life

Turn on and off as many times as you want! These bulbs have unlimited On/Off cycles and last up to 40 times longer than incandescent and 5 times longer than CFL.

Exceptional Light Coverage

270 degree light coverage efficiently puts those lumens to work to provide you with perfect lighting for your work and home activities.

Extra wide voltage range

Our bulbs easily accept battery fluctuations from 10-80 volts DC. 

Cold weather tolerant

Immediate starting even when cold so you never have to wait for your light to get to full brightness.

Not recommended for enclosed fixtures.