Par 30 5 Watt LED Soft Daylight E26 48V - Watt-a-Light

5 Watt 48V DC Par 30 LED Bulb

  • $26.35

Looking for a reliable indoor, focused LED light? This 5 watt pot light is great for recessed lighting in kitchens, workshops, and tasks where the light is within 10 feet (3 meters) of the task at hand.  The focused beam of this LED is great for areas needing a spot light. 


Style: Par30
Base: E26/27
Voltage: 45 - 60 Volts DC
Watts: 5
Amps: 0.10
Lumens: 400+
Dimensions: INCHES: 3.75 (dia) x 3.7(long)   CM:  9.5 x 9.3
Color: Soft Daylight
Brand: Watt-a-Light