Saving Energy and living Boat Life in Alaska

Another happy customer from Auke Bay, Alaska! She lives on this beautiful 42 ft boat and wanted to save on energy consumption by switching to LEDs. She purchased our 5 Watt LED 32V Watt-a-Light™ (soft daylight) LED bulbs for the engine room and is very happy with them - so happy, she came back for more!
"I have a 42 foot wooden boat that was built in the Alf Hansen shipyard, State of Washington, for the Forest Service to patrol outside Alaska waters. Being built in 1954, it was all wired, very tidily, for 32-volt electricity in reverse polarity. I imagine that such things did not much matter then. But when I screwed in my new watt-a-light bulbs, none of them worked because I did not know that they were polarity sensitive. So I called Amber and she told me that there were two things that usually solved the problem - that was to pull the contact out or to reverse the wires. The first had no effect but the second fix - well, I screwed in the bulb and it glowed beautifully and bright enough for my engine room lights and put out way less heat than the incandescents."
Beautiful 42 foot wooden boat uses 5 Watt 32 Volt DC LEDs
Engine Room 5 Watt 32Volt DC LEDs

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