Our Story So Far...

Our flourishing company started out 40 years ago in the small coastal city of Campbell River, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. Founder, Mr. Alex Nicholl sold and installed wind, microhydro, and solar electric systems, as well as worked as an experienced marine electrician throughout the region.

During those years, the industry saw many huge advances in renewable energy equipment, however there were significant issues with the cost and reliability of energy efficient lighting. Focused on developing a product line that was reliable, cost effective, and highly energy efficient, Alex decided it was time to personally tackle these complications. He approached numerous production facilities and tested countless products - there were obstacles with cost and transport, and problems with quality control.  Eventually after numerous travels overseas, he was able to successfully source and begin to work with a few hand-chosen reputable resources. 

Operating under the trade name 'Independence Electric Company', he initially imported only 12V DC Compact Fluorescent Lighting (also known as CFLs) and 12V DC LEDs.  These met with success and had no further quality issues, so now we had reliable, quality products that we could stand behind – and so we grew!

The Independence Electric team continued to work diligently for many years keeping up with the newest technologies and providing the most energy efficient LED solutions available on the market.  Working cohesively with both loyal customers and forward-thinking manufacturers, our own successful LED lighting brand was born - now known as 'Watt-a-Light™'! 

The Watt-a-Light product line features technology built to exceed today’s highly competitive LED lighting market  - our goal is always ‘Less Watts, More Light’! Over time, our line has developed into advanced LED lighting including street lights, marine flood lights, tube lighting, high bays, and numerous other household lighting styles.

In 2017, Alex handed over the reigns and Independence Electric moved from Campbell River, BC to Calgary, Alberta. We began to focus new energy on brand awareness of our superb product line and continued international growth.  Hence, you may still know us as Independence Electric, but now find us online as Watt-a-Light!

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We truly take pride in the quality and energy efficiency of our products and are boastful when it comes to our high level of personalized customer service, so feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!