California off-gridders love our LEDs!

Received this email from a repeat customer who uses our Watt-a-Light 24V DC LEDs throughout their off-grid home in California. 
"We are an excellent example, I think, of people who benefit from your products; those 24v bulbs are hard to find but they’re great; they give more than adequate (warm) light with very low power consumption.  We’ve been off the grid since we got here in 1971; my wife designed the house, I built it, and we raised two kids with kerosene lamps for fourteen years until solar panels became possible, at which point we became very much aware of what the general public is in the process of discovering; these systems really work!  We use an inverter for everything but the lights (laundry, TV, computers, etc.), which we kept on 24vDC so that we don’t have to add the three or four amps that the inverter takes, in order to use the lights (a significant factor in winter), and we have a bottom end (ca. two amps) little water wheel that almost suffices during the winter.  With a backup generator (that we use mostly for equalizing the batteries once a month) we’re stylin’!  
We also greatly appreciate the quality of your service; your quick replies to questions, your refund of the price of a product with a problem, and the cheerfully human tone of how you conduct your business (something the world needs badly, these days; don’t let them replace you with a robot, Amber!)."

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