24V DC High Efficiency LED Light Bulbs | Watt-a-Light

Need to replace an incandescent bulb and looking for the most energy efficient lighting options?  Watt-a-Light™ LED technology offers 90% energy savings from classic incandescent bulbs! 

We specialize in lighting for direct current systems and offer a fantastic selection of 24 volt DC LED light bulbs. These are all particularly well suited for use with solar, wind turbine, micro hydro and marine systems that use a battery.

Various options available to meet your requirements:  Choose from different styles, color temperatures, and bases (including E26/E27, E12, GU10, GU 5.3 and B22).

These bulbs all have extremely long life, unlimited ON/OFF cycles, immediate starting, and full brightness in cold temperatures.  Furthermore, our products are built with highly rust-resistant copper/chrome bases and offer low/no radio interference!