Our Warranty and Return Policy

Warranty Policy

Our lights are fully warranted against all manufacturing defects. If you have a light that does not work or died soon after you received it,  email us and we will do our best to troubleshoot the issue. We will ask you a few questions about how it was installed and about the system where it was installed. If we determine that it is a bonafide failure we will replace the lamp. We have sold these lamps for over 10 years, so we know the failure rate is very low for our compact fluorescent lamps and LEDs. We do not accept responsibility for shipping accidents. We package the lamps very well and we have only had one shipping breakage in many years.

The warranty for our LED lights vary from 2 to 5 years depending on the product purchased.

Refund/Return Policy

Please contact us before returning any items to confirm that a return is necessary, and that we will accept the return. All returns from the USA must be shipped by US Postal Service.  If shipped by any other means, it may be returned to the sender.

When returning products with the US Postal Service, please do not include insurance over $20, as we will be subject to a brokerage fee otherwise, which we will pass on to you. Please also be specific about what is being returned. Do not describe the contents of the package as 'light bulbs', but rather 'LED light bulbs' or 'Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs'. This makes a difference when a parcel is being cleared through customs. Also include the HS Code for either LED Lights (8541.40.00.10) or Compact Fluorescent Lights (8539.31.00.90).

The product must be properly packaged so as to not be damaged in transit. The customer is responsible for shipping costs.