LED Street Lights | 12V DC & 24V DC

Our Watt-a-Light 12 volt & 24 volt LED street lamps are bright, super energy efficient, and trusted around the world! These commercial grade DC powered parking lot /streetlights are used in many solar applications throughout the USA and Canada. If you are considering adding our LED lighting to a farm, driveway, parking lot, pedestrian walkway, park, or illuminating any other outdoor areas, consider this:

  • LED technology has a much lower energy consumption when compared to your typical lighting fixture technologies. 
  • Offers substantially reduced maintenance costs due to the long lifespan and reliability of Watt-a-Light lighting .
  • LED street lights rarely outright fail, instead they decrease in luminance over time until it needs to be replaced. You will not be surprised with instant darkness!
  • Does not take time to get to full brightness - immediate starting.
  • The added bonus: Many insects are not attracted to this type of lighting because they do not emit ultraviolet light!