48V DC High Efficiency LED Light Bulbs | Watt-a-Light™

Finally, LED products for use with your 48 Volt DC lighting systems!! Around the world, Watt-a-Light customers are lighting up their off-grid homes, tiny houses, cabins, boats, trains, and trailers with our trusted brand!

We pride ourselves on the versatility and high energy savings that our products provide.

  • These bulbs provide 90% in energy savings compared to incandescents. 
  • Our Watt-a-Light LED light bulbs are shatter-proof and flicker-free.
  • Designed with high quality copper/chrome bases, Watt-a-Light bulbs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor lighting and will not rust your fixture.
  • We specialize in lighting for direct current systems and offer a variety of styles, bases, and colour temperatures to suit your needs.
  •  Perfect for use with solar systems


 Let us help you save your batteries!  More Light, Less Watts!!