10W 120/240V AC Outdoor Flood Light (Marine Grade)| 50 or 120 Degree Beam Angle

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This 10 watt marine flood light supports 85-265 volts AC.  Producing 1150 lumens of bright light, this flood light uses only 10 watts!  This LED flood light uses auto voltage detect, just connect it to 110, 120, 220 or 240 VAC (90-260VAC) and it will operate correctly. It has a waterproof junction box and cable gland which make it a perfect option for outdoor use, and comes with over 6 feet (2m) of cable, complete with plug. This floodlight uses a single high quality LED from a major Taiwanese supplier, which makes this light a steal for its low price! The housing is aluminum, and the screws and bracket are all stainless steel.



Voltage: Universal 85-265 Volts AC
Watts: 10
Amps: 0.1/0.04
IP Grade: IP65
Life Span: > 40,000 Hours
Weight: 1.1 kg
Lumens: 115lm/W, 1150
Dimensions: INCHES: (4.5 W x 3.5 H x 4.25 L) CM: (11.43 x 8.9 x 10.8). 
Beam Angle Width: Covers 1.15 times the distance (from the light, to the object being lit).
Colour Temp: 5000-5500K
Brand: Watt-a-Light