Watt-a-Light™ Energy Efficient LED Light Bulbs

Trusted by off-gridders and mariners around the world for over 15 years!  Watt-a-Light™ LED low voltage lighting products are the perfect solution for your direct current lighting systems.

Our priority is to always provide the most light while using the least energy to save your battery power!  These products are ideal for solar, hydro, off-grid, boat, trailer, safety, and back-up applications. 

When replacing your incandescent and compact florescent lighting, you can choose from a variety of wattages including 1 watt, 3 watt, 5 watt, 7 watt, and 10 watt. These are all extremely energy efficient and upgrading to LED lighting will provide you with approximately 90% in energy savings!

We have developed a hardy lineup of lighting that offers multiple styles and multiple base types.  Also, in most cases you may choose the colour temperature that is the most suitable for your desired use.  

All of our products are designed with superior corrosion resistance, so they are highly suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and won't rust your fixture!

It's time for More Light, Less Watts!