36V DC | 24 Watt | 8 LED Flood Light

  • $49.79

This ultra-durable flood light is built to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. Perfect for 36V DC solar systems, boats, trains, security, off-grid and recreational lighting—or any 36V DC application!

Our high powered 8 LED floodlight is built with an attractive, high-quality, anti-corrosive/anti-oxidative coating and is fully sealed to keep out water and dust!  The housing is black with stainless steel screws and bracket to provide a modern, sleek design. The unit is light weight and provides very good anti-vibration capacity.  This fixture comes with an adjustable mounting bracket which can range from 0° to 180°.

The wide input voltage range protects product against over-voltage (however is recommended to be used with a constant current for best stability). May also be used with 12V, 24V, 32V, and 48V DC. The maximum range is 60V DC.

Specifications for 24V DC 8 LED Flood Light:

Voltage: 24V DC
Voltage Range: 10-60 Volts DC
Watts: 24W
Lumens: 2000lm
Dimensions: W152mm x H90mm x D51mm (not including mounting bracket)
Color temperature: 5700-6200K

Weight: 0.62kg
Brand: Watt-a-Light