Watt-a-Light LED light bulb 3 Watt 32 volt DC frosted bulb and copper chrome base

1 Watt | 12V DC LED Light Bulb | Standard E26 Base

  • $11.50

This bulb is an ideal emergency back-up light - it is bright and only uses 1 watt of power!

Our low voltage LED lighting is ideal for use with your 12 volt solar system or other 12 volt battery system. The copper/chrome standard medium Edison screw base is corrosion resistant and well suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. The E26/27 base is a standard household screw-in style, so makes replacing your incandescent or compact fluorescent easy! This 12 volt LED light bulb is a true battery saver providing the most light while using the least watts!

Our products are designed specifically to provide the highest energy savings for use with DC systems. 

1 Watt Specifications for 12V DC

Base: E26/27 (Standard Household Screw-in)
Acceptable Voltage Range: 10-80 volts DC
Watts: 1
Colour Temperature: 6000-6500K
Dimensions (tip to tip): INCHES:  2 3/4 x 1 3/4    CM: 7 x 4.5
Brand: Watt-a-Light

Note: Not recommended for enclosed fixtures

Customer Reviews

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Mary V.
Haven't tried yet. Switched out 6w w/your 5w in small system

Have a small solar house. 5w bulbs brighter than 6w they replaced.
Nice light.

Frank M.
Boat dock solar system in the Ozarks

Considering y’all appeared to be my only option Good