Spotlight: Passive Solar Tiny House at Salamander Springs Farm

Tucked away in the beautiful Appalachian mountains close to Berea, Kentucky, you'll find Salamander Springs Organic Permaculture Farm and founder Susana Lein's tiny passive solar house.

Totally off-grid, this 340 sq. foot tiny house was built by hand from rough lumber, salvaged woods, clay, and straw, and also incorporates an earthen floor which serves as thermal mass to retain solar heat in winter.  Powered by a small solar electric system, we are honoured that Susana carefully chose our Watt-a-Light™ 10 Watt 24V DC LED Bulb to provide warm light above the stove and sink after dark! Susana is a pioneer in permaculture in North America and has practiced for 30 years incorporating much knowledge from her eight years' work with Mayan farmers in Guatemala.

Her personal collection of hundreds of fascinating instructional photos (including this tiny house build) can be found at Salamander Springs Natural Building Systems and Permaculture Practices  

If you would like to learn more about Susana and Organic Permaculture Farming visit Salamander Springs Farm

tiny home kitchen


Salamander Springs Tiny House

Two people on roof installing solar panels

*photos generously provided by Salamander Springs Farm




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