12V DC LED High Efficiency Light Bulbs | Watt-a-Light

Watt-a-Light™ LED light bulbs offer long-lasting and high quality 12V DC lighting for your off-grid home, cabin, tiny house, or anywhere else you require lighting for your 12 volt systems.

  • Save your batteries! No energy loss from inverter. These bulbs are DC only!

  • Perfect for 12V solar systems.

  • Available in a variety of bases and styles for easy replacement.

  • Don't rust your fixture! Watt-a-Light bulbs are built with a copper/chrome base making these ideal for outdoor and marine usage.

  • Providing the highest lumens with the least energy consumption. Available in 1W, 3W, 5W, 7W, and 10W and choose your most suitable colour temperature. More Light, Less Watts!   

  • 90% energy-savings when replacing incandescents.